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the Kingdom

ASJ Resources exists to develop stewardship resources that are biblically-based, culturally-engaging, and life-changing. We strive, in everything we do, to:

  • Expand the influence of the Kingdom of God.
  • Empower individuals, families and churches.
  • Lighten the load of the local pastor.
  • Embody a commitment to excellence.
  • Create high impact at low cost.
  • Leverage emerging technologies.
Click here to watch a short interview with Don Coley about the mission of A Steward's Journey (4.9MB).

When most people think about stewardship companies, they make the connection to capital stewardship campaigns. ASJ Resources is different. We were formed in recognition that there is a significant need for resources that assist individuals, families and churches understand time-proven principles of biblical stewardship, and this caused us to create a new paradigm for teaching stewardship. Our model seeks to benefit individuals and families first, and then the church as its members adopt life-changing stewardship principles. We believe that in the process of building stewards we can achieve immediate and tangible positive results for the work of God’s Kingdom.
Listen to a 2-day interview with Don Coley on HAVEN Today.
Day 1 | Day 2
Don Coley, Founder
Don Coley has more than 30 year of experience in executive-level marketing and management. He is the author of A Steward’s Journey, Solving the Money Maze and the Leader’s Guide for Small Group Discussion, and well as the creator of the 60 Seconds on A Steward’s Journey DVD series. He frequently teaches on the subject of apologetics and the application of biblical principles in modern American life and has written numerous articles for secular and Christian journals. Don and his wife, Pam, live in Murrieta, California

Harold Davis, Founder
Harold Davis has more than 25 years experience as a staff member and consultant to local churches in the areas of stewardship, leadership and strategic planning. Harold’s teaching skills, commitment to impacting both church and culture with biblical stewardship principles, and understanding of the unique challenges of pastoral ministry have prepared him to help others successfully take A Steward’s Journey. He and his family live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Jim Grams
Jim brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to A Steward’s Journey. He has served as a missionary in several countries in southern Africa and Brazil, Director of Africa’s Children, Executive Director of Haven Ministries, and held numerous pastoral assignments in the United States. Jim is an exceptionally accomplished speaker and writer with a firm commitment to the ASJ Resources approach to present biblically-based stewardship principles in culturally-engaging products and services. Jim is primarily responsible for sharing the ASJ Resources stewardship message with an expanding network of pastors, churches, missionaries, and members of their communities.

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