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the Kingdom

The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn, Multnomah Press
Your Money Counts, Howard Dayton, Crown Ministries
Generous Living, Ron Blue, Zondervan
Money Isn’t Is Everything, Herb Miller, Discipleship Resources
Generous People, Eugene Grim, Abingdon
The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko, Pocket Books
The Millionaire Mind, Thomas Stanley, Andrews McMeel Publishing
Excerpt From Stephen King’s University of Maine Commencement Address — May 7, 2005
Give away a dime for every dollar you make…. A dime out of every dollar. And here's a secret I learned six summers ago, lying in a ditch beside the road, covered in my own blood and thinking I was going to die: you go out broke. Everything's on loan, anyway. You're not an owner, you're only a steward. So pass some of it on. Click here to read the entire address
From a televised interview between Ben Wattenberg and Gregg Easterbrook on Easterbrook’s book The Progress Paradox
We’re programmed to think that we can’t live well unless we get much more. You can find individuals who have realized that money doesn’t buy happiness and that endlessly chasing the last dollar of maximized income is a formula for unhappiness. But as a society as a whole I don’t think we’ve realized this yet. I think you might call this the revenge of the credit card. Your American Express card absolutely cannot buy you happiness. It can buy you unhappiness. If you use it too much, get into debt, you have debt problems, you have to work around the clock to pay your bills, the credit card will buy you unhappiness very reliably. But it can’t buy you happiness.

That’s the point at which additional income in research decouples from happiness and getting more money has nothing to do with how happy you feel in life. In a sense this is the proof that money cannot buy happiness. But researchers who have studied people, higher income people are no happier than lower income people. Members of the Forbes Four Hundred, the list of the richest men and women in the world, are not any happier as a group than people who earn the median income. Money doesn’t buy happiness. The proof is now in. If anybody doubted it, that’s true. I think the modern era creates a materialism jealousy effect that didn’t exist before that you might call catalog induced anxiety. (Click here to read the entire interview with more stewardship references.)
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